Shea is great for your
skin -and for the world!

Shea is great for your skin -and for the world!

The Making of Shea Butter Products in Africa

After I arrived to the USA from where I grew up in Burkina Faso and Togo in West Africa, I shared some homemade Shea products I made for my family with friends in the East Village. They loved the balms, lotions, and salves, made with 100% all-natural Shea butter. That is how I launched Kadidja Handmade Collection from my kitchen in New York City. I’m a mother, a sister, a daughter, and an African woman devoted to sharing this part of my culture. 

Since then, I’m excited that my small business has steadily grown. I regularly participate in street fairs and other local markets and have placed my products in local boutiques. Quality is what makes my products different. While big brands use the word Shea in their marketing, they actually only use a tiny amount in their actual products. I use 100% shea and natural essential oils. Your skin will love how Shea moisturizes, soothes and repairs. But Shea is not just great because it is so good for your skin: When you buy Shea you’re also supporting women in West Africa, who collect and process Shea nuts into the Shea butter I use. I pay a premium price for the Shea butter, which helps to improve their livelihoods. And you’re also supporting an improved natural environment because sales of Shea butter create an incentive to grow more Shea trees and protect those that exist. I hope you will reach out to learn more – or just subscribe to my newsletter! 


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