The last several days have been chaotic across New York City but also give me hope. So many people have come out to express outrage at racism in America! Surely, we can all work together to reform policing and save lives.

All of our choices contribute to social justice – or its absence. And that includes what you use on your skin. I am proud that my products use ethically sourced materials. I get all of my shea butter and shea oil from a company I know fairly pays the women who make these precious materials. Let’s all make choices that help build a better world!

Despite the chaos in New York City right now, every night at 7 people bang on pots and pans and clap and shout and holler for the heroic work of our nurses, doctors, EMTs, firefighters and police. Don’t let the clips of looting fool you: There’s a lot to be hopeful for these days!

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