Kadidja - organic product made of shan nuts

Tompkins Square Park’s Farmer’s Market every Sunday

Since November 2015 I have been selling my Shea butter-based products at Tompkins Square Park’s Farmer’s Market every Sunday. The market is in the heart of the East Village – I feel so grateful and excited to live in such a diverse community!

The experience has taught me a lot – and hopefully the people who have visited my stand. I sometimes educate people about the quality of Shea butter and I love hearing feedback, especially when people tell me a product has helped them. One person told me that my Shea butter lotion was helping her with Eczema, a condition that leads to dry, itchy skin. I know this myself to be true because two years ago my son got eczema, a condition I knew very little about. Our pediatrician was not sure what to use.

At first I thought it was being caused by an allergic reaction or perhaps the artificial turf his soccer team plays on. It had started on the back of his legs and elbows.

To make a long story short, I told my husband, “I think I’ll try shea butter on it.” And I’m so glad I did – it cleared it up quickly and, of course, without using chemicals with those strange-sounding names.

I’ve heard so many stories like this that it does not seem coincidental that Shea butter has healing qualities. In fact, researchers have shown as much. More importantly, human beings have proven it: Shea butter has been used for thousands of years to care for and treat skin.

You can make a difference to your health by choosing products made with Shea butter. Severe dry skin problems may require evacuation by a dermatologist, but you can do a lot on your own to improve your skin. Use organic Shea butter or Shea oil moisturizers. Personally, I am now avoiding soaps that dry out and even damage skin!

It’s so weird shea butter. you cannot melt it at a high temperature – you’ll ruin its quality. so you melt it at a low temperature and then you cool it down in an ice bath. it starts to harden and then you have the butter.

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