I Love NYC trees.

This is East River Park on the Lower East Side near my house, last Saturday. These beautiful big trees are going to be destroyed. What would they say if they could talk? Many are older than any of the people. Would they remind us how they clean the air? Would they tell us about the river and the old piers? The idea that we must destroy all of these trees to protect our neighborhood – that we have no other choice – is ridiculous. I love trees, they do so much. Whether they are maples in our park or a Shea tree in West Africa. The shea tree makes my shea butter products possible. We need to do everything we can to protect our trees.

Please join me in telling our local representatives to reconsider the idea to kill so many trees. Remember when they said the L train would have to be shut down for two years to be fixed and then suddenly someone figured out a better way to solve the problem? That is what we need now for our trees and our park: smart ideas not foolish ones.
Join the campaign to save our park.

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