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  • Celebrating Pride Month!
    An African proverb says, “it’s dark do not complain; light a candle.” After three years, the NYC pride March was back in full swing on Sunday. […]
  • The Founder Of Kadidja.NYC Wants To Bring A Touch Of West Africa Into Your Self-Care Routine
    This great short article from GoDaddy was released on my birthday. Yay!  
  • News from the Savannah Region of Togo, West Africa
    Going to Gando Namoni This time of year, the sun is hardly shining because it’s Harmattan season. A cold wind sweeps south across the Sahara Desert, stirring up so […]
  • I Love NYC trees.
    This is East River Park on the Lower East Side near my house, last Saturday. These beautiful big trees are going to be destroyed. What would […]
    The city that never sleeps went to sleep for some time but now it is waking up… and is there any better way to wake up […]
  • New York City woman makes and sells her own Shea Butter products | amNewYork
    I’m so excited today because amNewYork featured a story about me and mentions Teacher Appre-Shea-tion! You can learn more about my business, my products and Teacher […]
  • Celebrate Earth Day All Week!
    Reflecting on Earth Day. With so many problems in the world Shea is something that brings hope and goodness ! It’s great for women’s livelihoods where I […]
    My mother, Maimouna Soudre, now 76 In recognition of International Women’s Day, I honor my mother and other women in the rural areas of West Africa […]
  • A great Shea product for your loved ones makes a perfect gift!
    Introducing Shea Holiday Gifts! Shea is perfect for the holidays. With so many problems in the world Shea is something that brings hope and goodness ! […]
  • My new video: How and why I love Shea
    My New Video: How And Why I Love Shea (It Heals Burns And It Can Save The World!) For the past five years, I’ve made my […]
  • A testimonial
        I frequently ask my customers how they like my products. Allow me to share a recent testimonial… Hi Kadidja, You asked me to report […]
  • The World Needs Natural!
    Cosmetic products today use so many weird chemicals. Who can even say any of them?! How are they made and why make them? Why make ingredients […]
  • Shea will save your dry hands!
    With all the hand washing and hand sanitizing to prevent the spread of coronavirus, your hands will get dry! Save your hands with Shea! Washing hands […]
  • Hero nurses and doctors
    With your support, nurses and doctors have received 100% all-natural Shea hand salves In April, as New York City was facing its greatest public health crisis […]
  • A tribute to everyone fighting racism!
    Conflict and Hope
    The last few weeks have reminded me how life has been painful for me in America, as it has for so many other people of color. […]
  • HOPE
    The last several days have been chaotic across New York City but also give me hope. So many people have come out to express outrage at […]
  • Shea healing hands - delivered
    Shea healing hands – delivered!
      With your support, nurses and doctors have received 100% all-natural Shea hand lotions! A few weeks ago, when the coronavirus pandemic was at its height, […]
  • A big virtual hug for you on this #GivingTuesday!
    A big virtual hug for you on this #GivingTuesday!
    We may not be able to physically hug, but virtual hugs are meaningful, too!   Our nurses and doctors are still working so hard to save […]
  • kadidja groceries
    We’re all in this together
    It’s true. We may be apart – 6-feet distant at least – but we’re all together. Physically we can be apart but spiritually we’re all connected. […]
  • Announcing Shea Healing Hands!
    The pandemic has been a challenge for everyone. Although I have been laid off from my job, we are all healthy and OK. I’ve kept askng myself, […]
  • Quarantine Life
    It’s been two weeks since the city went on lock-down. Our living room is now an office and a classroom and a soccer field. It’s been […]
  • Celebrate International Women’s Day Shea is great for women!
    Women make the world a better place! We do not get enough credit for our contributions – did you see the article the other day that […]
  • Joining the Global Shea Alliance to… Empower women in Shea!
    I’m pleased to share that, just a few weeks ago, I joined the Global Shea Alliance! This is a group of companies and women’s groups working […]
  • shea video dry winter air
    Shea is perfect protection for skin when winter comes!
    When winter comes, the air gets dry – and your skin needs protection! Use my 100% all-natural and organic shea butter skin balm to protect your […]
  • video thumbnail for kadidja workout video
    Watch: My Workout Secret is perfect for all you workout buffs
    It feels good to work out, but afterward sore muscles need soothing treatment. That’s why I made Workout Secret. I use 100% all-natural, organic shea butter, […]
  • Kadidja pop up shop
    Thank you for supporting my Kiva loan !
    A video thank you! Thanks to your contributions, I now have a $7,000 Kiva loan to support my business. I’m very grateful! Here is the link […]
  • Kadidja - International Women’s Day
    International Women’s Day
    A video salute to all the women who work hard everyday to make the world a better place!
  • Life in Gando
    Life in Gando
    This video is an introduction to my home village, Gando-Namoni in Togo. Too often, people think that life in a village in West Africa is miserable. […]
  • Shea, tested by the Harmattan
    Shea, tested by the Harmattan
    WATCH this short video I made about the Harmattan… The Harmattan wind is starting to blow across the Sahara Desert. This cold, dry wind may be […]
  • Kadidja - organic product made of shan nuts
    Tompkins Square Park’s Farmer’s Market every Sunday
    Since November 2015 I have been selling my Shea butter-based products at Tompkins Square Park’s Farmer’s Market every Sunday. The market is in the heart of […]
  • Kadidja - shan nuts butter
    The newborn mother Will use Shea butter after all her body is sore
    Shea butter is real powerful. A traditional African woman will use a Shea butter after giving birth. And sometime the middle wife’s also use it with […]
  • Environment
    Trees are also important in the villages has it’s really gets super hot at the end of the day everybody need to rest under the trees […]
  • The health benefits of shea butter
    The health benefits of shea butter
    The Health Benefits of Shea Butter Last time, I promised to write about some of the many reasons Shea is so important. I focused on the […]
  • A tribute to my mom and how shea impacts women like her all over west Africa
    A tribute to my mom and how shea impacts women like her all over west Africa
    I have been around shea since I was a baby – it’s not an exaggeration to say I probably would not be alive if it were […]
  • shea nuts
    Does shea butter inhibit shin cancer?
    Does shea inhibit skin cancer? Japanese research suggests maybe! While some research has been done on shea butter and its greatness, much remains unknown. Researchers in […]
  • Kadidja - organic product made of shan nuts
    I have a workout secret!
    On a recent weekday evening at a New York Sports Club in Manhattan, I gave free samples to people who were finishing their work-outs. Whether they […]
  • Making your own shea butter products
    As long as you have the right ingredients and the right equipment, it is very easy to make shea butter lotions at home – that’s what […]
  • Welcome to great children’s clothing and soothing natural cosmetics
    Welcome to great children’s clothing and soothing natural cosmetics
    Here it is – my new website! I hope you like it! It’s not altogether complete – yet. But I hope it gives you an idea […]